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OZ1LCG - Radio DXFUN Cluster

Visitas: 1558
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CQ: 14 - ITU: 18
Continente: EU
E-mail: Solo para usuarios registrados
Ocupación: Sales Automation
Registrado: Nov 02, 2011
Usuario LOTW:
Coordenadas: Latitud: 55.9696 - Longitud: 9.7442
Spots: TX: 2975 - Mapa    RX: 292 - Mapa
DXCC Trabajados DXCC Confirmados Puntos
303 288 6824
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Hi, you have found my QRZ profile, I hope we have just worked a QSO

My Name is Ole, OZ1LCG  License since 19. June 1985.

I started with interest in electronics and radio waves back in my young days at the age of 10-15 years the interest in electronics and radio waves got me into this amazing hobby amateur radio and got my D license as 16 year old, then I passed a C and B license that was updated to an A license. The hobby has followed me all my life through, I have had short breaks from the hobby. In 2003 I returned to the hobby and got better opportunity to run HF which is my main interest, and from 2008 I has been active dx hunter.
I am a member of Danish Dx Groupe DDXG.
In the professional, I work with automation solutions for the industrial area, especially pharma, chemical and petrochemical in the Offshore industry. Where I supply explosion-protected electrical equipment.
This has almost followed me as long as since 1990.


Member of : DDXG Danish DX Groupe. 

QSL Info: VIA my QSL manager OZ1ACB use this guide.


PSE  direct sent to my QSL manager - Allis OZ1ACB.

1. You can send your QSL card to OZ1ACB, ,

Due to the new postalrate of Januar 1st. 2019 the returnpostage

is 5US$ for a letter to Europa and outside EU 5 US $. or 30DKR 

2. You are also welcome to send eQSL and confirm via LOTW.

I am using eqsl, a Gold memberAG (Authenticity Guaranteed) Please help me with eWAS ,

I am also updating via LOTW 100% confirm.LotW on ARRL Logbook of the World

Look at Clublog to search my log.

QTH Østbirk - 200km

west of Copenhagen

73 de Ole - OZ1LCG from Denmark.


Some pictures below 

From my QTH.

Vertical antenna multiband, 120 radials,  

1. Icom IC746pro .

2. Icom 706MKIIG .

3. FTDX 3000D  all radios full equipted with CW Filters etc. + SDR consol v. 3.0  -with SDRplay RSP2 + panadaptor

4  Flexradio 6600 + Maestro & Smartsdr remote rig.

- Amplifier ETO 91b 

- Radiosport 350mic  & Heil Headset, Boom mike Maono AU-A03 

- Analoge UR6QW 8 band equalizer - Echo master plus processor. 






Corona in the waterfall. 










      DeFreq.      DXComentarios UTC      Fecha
OZ1LCG 14074 ET3AAWhy not F/H ? 16:22 15-May-21
W7MY 14076.3 OZ1LCG 06:24 15-May-21
OZ1LCG 24915 CE2SVCUL 18:43 04-May-21
OZ1LCG 28074 YB0COUGL CUL Lie 07:34 02-May-21
SP6QKM 7074 OZ1LCGFT8 -12dB from JO45 602Hz 05:52 24-Apr-21
OZ1LCG 28074 PU2TXZCUL 15:10 23-Apr-21
OZ1LCG 28074.1 TA2FECQ 11:17 23-Apr-21
OZ1LCG 28074 CE2SVCUL 16:04 22-Apr-21
OZ1LCG 14235 PY2FZ 20:36 18-Apr-21
OZ1LCG 10112 LY31Acq 11:22 02-Apr-21
OZ1LCG 3792 OV0JUTLANDIACQ 80m 19:36 21-Mar-21
KW4YA 5357.3 OZ1LCG 03:40 20-Mar-21
SP6EFY 7074 OZ1LCGFT8 -24dB from JO45 2625Hz 09:45 03-Mar-21
PY2VZ 21074 OZ1LCGFT8 -10dB from JO45 730Hz 16:03 28-Feb-21
OZ2LP 10136 OZ1LCG 14:27 19-Feb-21

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